the only to reach divine almighty

The only way to the divine almighty

What is the only way to the divine almighty? There are so many rituals in every religion or the various belief systems that have been created leave me baffled. Which only do I follow? Which is the correct one?

We have forgotten or been too lazy to read the scriptures and find a mentor who has truly understood the meaning hidden in them.

The result is a gross manipulation of the truth. Look at what is happening with the religions of the world today. Some are converting people into their faith believing that that is the way to their God while others are killing people not from their religion saying that is the way to God. Religions have become a shelter for people to get a representation-a false sense of belonging.

The truth that occurs in our mind is quite simple. Anger, aggression, hate and bitterness cannot be a way to God because they are dark, while God is light itself! Anger and its associated emotions make the head heavy and induce a headache. It tires you and leaves a trail of disharmony. How can that be a way to God?

Too much sorrow makes the body sick with illnesses. The mind focuses on these illnesses and the person’s attention gets diverted from feeling good to suffering in the body. Suffering only ends with the death of the body.

Fear breeds doubt. One cannot connect to the divine almighty when in fear. To try to connect to something which you are not aware of can induce even more fear.

So, what, then, is the way to reach the divine almighty?

Saints across the world see the One Reality. They connect to the vast Universal knowledge and have all experienced the same reality differently.

The only way to connect to the divine almighty, as it has occurred to them, is by using the mind through the heart.

The way to good health is through happiness. Happiness is in the heart. You can feel the pleasure of happiness in your mind. But happiness itself is experienced in the heart.

it is very simple to experience the love in your heart. That is the way to the divine almighty. Then, life is beautiful.

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— Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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