Focusing on the breath

Manas is a combination of Akasha and Vayu and that is why focusing on the breath is so important. Akasha and space and Vayu is air. While Akasha is everywhere and Vayu is unstable, the manas too is everywhere and unstable.

There is only one way to focus the manas-through the breath. Focusing on the breath regulates Vayu.

But why do we need to focus on the breath?

Through our growing up years, the only examples we have had are those who have allowed the manas to entertain them and that is exactly what we have been doing.

This prevents us from realising our true ability. Our ability is far superior to what we believe it to be. We are severely limited by the thoughts that fill our scope of thinking. We are pre-programmed by our environment, our families, beliefs, behaviours and other social conditioning. The only way to free ourselves from all that which have their influence upon us is by focusing the manas on the breath.

Slowly and steadily practising focusing the manas on the breath will weaken its grip on us and we will be able to realise our true ability.

Below is an audio guide that will help you practice focusing the manas on the breath.