How do you know it is Agarwood?

Agar is a resin which forms in the agar tree. How do you know it is Agarwood? Finding real Agarwood is only possible if you feel its energy. Agar vibrates well with the person to whom it chooses to go to. Agar forms either from a lightning strike on the tree or when specific species of ants attack the tree and release acids into the tree prompting the tree to release Agar. The agar takes 25 years or more to form.

Agar is similar to sandalwood in certain ways;

  1. That it forms in the sap.
  2. Agar forms only after the tree matures to a certain age.
  3. It has a beautiful fragrance.
  4. Agar commands a high commercial value.

Extracting the agar is laborious, skilled, and takes time.

Natural Agar takes more time to form and is better in many ways. We only work with natural Agar.

Apart from Natural Agar, stress is induced into the agarwood tree to produce Agar by artificial inoculation. Such Agar is low on energy. It is used to make incense sticks, incense cones and blocks. Though the primary purpose of Agar is to help raise the energy of the place where it is, only natural Agar has the vibrations needed to cleanse the low frequencies.

Agarwood and its resin are available in the market in various forms.

Altar Agar or Standing Agarwood Pieces

This is the most popular of all Agarwood since the intensity of energies it brings is maximum. Altar Agarwood pieces have beautiful energy. They help reduce thoughts. When they are used to decorate your bedside, they help you sleep peacefully. Wherever they are, they vibrate calmness, peace, joy, abundance and good health.

It is a good piece to place in front of you while meditating. It can be used in your office to form grids along with crystals. Its energy attracts positivity.

breakthrough - altar agarwood

Agarwood Combinations

Energies of Agarwood can be combined to bring new energies in the place where you will install them.

If you are sensitive and if you can sense the energies of the individual Agarwood pieces, you can put them together to bring in new energies.

This combination piece brings breakthrough energies with it. It will breathe in energy into the place where it is installed, and the family members will see new possibilities in their life.

Agarwood Chips

Agarwood Chips have beautiful energy. They help reduce thoughts. So, they are good to hold while meditating. When you are ready to sleep, put one Agarwood chip under your pillow. It will give you good sleep.

The Agarwood Chips are also used for burning on an Agarwood dispenser. It gives a soothing aroma and cleanses the energy of the place.

Agarwood Beads and beaded necklaces

Agarwood is also shaped into beads to create single bead necklaces and agarwood 108 beaded necklaces. The single bead necklace helps in clearing throat problems and increasing confidence. They also are fashionable. The 108 beaded necklaces serve as a japa aid. Its energy helps in reducing thoughts as one chants mantras using the beads of the necklace as a counter.

agarwood necklace

Agarwood Health Benefits

Agarwood is also good for health. The agarwood leaves are processed and consumed as Agarwood Tea. It helps in several ways, including reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It improves energy levels and helps you keep calm. Furthermore, it has anti-cancer properties, is an anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and hepato-protective.

Agar Tea

What do you do after choosing the Agar piece that is right for you?

We conduct free Agar meditations every weekend so you can connect better with the Agar piece. Though these meditations are open to all, those who have agar with them experience better vibrations when they meditate along with it. You, too, can join Agar Meditations.

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