Healing with Agar – the natural way

Welcome to The Agar Healing: Let me introduce you to who I am and what I do. I am Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy. I practice Nadi Pariksha (Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis). Over two decades, I have seen an upsurge in uncontrolled anger, sorrow, grief, and fear. The emotion which is affecting people the most is anger. Anger has the potential in it to suck the life out of people in a short period.

Anger is a killer emotion. It can destroy your blood, your organs and tissues within a short time. So, it is wise not to hold anger within you.


That doesn’t mean you have to go ballistic, throwing your anger at people! Transacting with anger is no good. It only eats you up. The other individual doesn’t even care about your anger which makes the whole experience bitter.

I have seen many deaths due to anger, hate, bitterness, and compromisng their lives in the race to make more wealth. Towards the end, they all realised that their emotional turmoils were not worth it.

I have resolved to help people rid themselves of anger, hate and bitterness so that they can live a life without suffering.

So, I am conducting Agar Healing sessions to help people release anger, hate and bitterness to cultivate harmony in themselves and live a better life.

You, too, can join Agar Healing Meditations by communicating with us over WhatsApp at +91-7760-344-401.

the only to reach divine almighty-healing with agar

— Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy