Agar Bead


This piece of Altar Agar is a standing Agar piece meant for your bedside table, prayer, or meditation room. Altar Agar vibrates at a high frequency. It helps you rise above the mind by reducing your thoughts and takes you into silence.

*Silver chain is for description purposes only and not a part of the product.

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Agar Bead is a masterpiece meant for your solitary Agar Bead Necklace. It vibrates at a high frequency. Agar helps you rise above the mind by reducing your thoughts and taking you into silence. The Agar Bead improves your communication and clears your air passage.

How does Agar form?

Agar is a resin which forms in the Agar tree after the tree has matured to an age of a minimum of 25 years. Agar forms when a lightning strikes the Agar tree or when a specific species of ant releases an acid which reacts with the Agar tree prompting the tree to release Agar from the sap.

It takes years for the Agar to solidify.

What is special about the Agar Bead we put on display?

In our forest, the trees are selected for harvest by a Buddhist monk who communicates with the Agar tree and asks it whether it is ready for harvest.

Upon confirmation, the monk prays to the tree as a mark of gratitude and the tree is harvested.

What does it take for us to extract Agar from the tree?

The tree, after being cut is peeled layer by layer until we reach the Agar which has hardened. Once the Agar begins to reveal itself, the skilled craftsmen painstakingly remove everything else that is surrounding the Agar. It takes approximately six to eight months to expose Agar from one tree.

What goes into making an Agar Bead?

The greatest challenge we find to craft a bead out of Agar is to find the Agar that is dense, thick and will allow itself to be formed into a bead. Commonly, Agar breaks into pieces upon pressure. So, we take a thin chance while crafting every single bead. If it breaks, we start all over again. That’s why Agar beads are so special.


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