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The Natural Way!

Agarwood in its various forms; oil, wood, powder, plant etc. has been used for many health benefits and treatment of various illness. If you are very new to the world of agarwood, then you need to learn about oud before proceeding to learn its amazing benefits and uses!

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The emotion which is affecting people the most is anger. Anger has the potential in it to suck the life out of people in a short period.

Anyone desiring to overcome excessive anger, unhappiness and fear of the future is welcome to join Agar meditation. It is not bound by religion or any specific sect. The practices we share will bear results soon after you begin applying them. Children in their preteens, adolescents and adults can join agar meditation.

For Youth

Helps wake up fresh, treats fatigue, alleviates stress and boosts mental health.

For Professionals

Help to treat anxiety, stress, depression and other nervous system disorders.

For Elderly

Promotes peaceful sleep, used to treat rheumatism, other body pain and skin disorders.

I am conducting Agar Healing sessions to help people release anger, hate and bitterness to cultivate harmony in themselves and live a better life.


Benefits of
Agar Healing Meditation


Increased concentration

Ability to be in stillness

The calmness of the mind


Improved relationships

Better Sleep

Increased acceptance

Feel happy most of the time

Living in the present

Positive Reviews
Happy Clients

What is Agar Healing Meditation?

Agar Meditation is about being happy in the present. We do this by employing tools that help us resolve our memories that produce sorrow, fear and anger.

Why do we carry painful memories?

To put it in simple words, memories are of pain. Happiness, joy and love are in the present. Did you know that pleasure is a memory and not happiness?

The desire for happiness creates memories. We often remember what we don’t want and search for what we want through repetitive behavior.


It would help if you changed your repetitive behaviour to discover happiness. Your misery will only increase. Then, pleasures await you in the disguise of bringing you what you desire.

With the practices you will learn at Agar Meditations, you can break out of your repetitive behaviors that trigger anger, unhappiness and fear, create emotional distress, and return to happiness.

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People who love Agar Healing Meditation

Agar meditations have strengthened my kriya practices and helped my body and mind ease in moments of restlessness. It has helped me understand myself better, be more forgiving and accepting, and be loving to myself and others.
Chetan Sachdeva
Working Professional
Last Saturday, when I attended, I felt elated. For the first time, I experienced tears of joy which was only a phrase for me. I felt light, as though some garbage or load in my body and soul was offloaded. There may have been more that I was unable to observe and appreciate.
Shalbala Pradhan
All I can say is that I have been inspired tremendously by your knowledge of Nadi pariksha, your ability to be there for everyone no matter how difficult the situation and your one pointed journey towards truth, love and reality.
Sarita Govindan

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