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Agar Healing Meditation is about being happy in the present. We do this by employing tools that help us resolve our memories that produce sorrow, fear and anger.

Why do we carry painful memories?

To put it in simple words, memories are of pain. Happiness, joy and love are in the present. Did you know that pleasure is a memory and not happiness?

The desire for happiness creates memories. We often remember what we don’t want and search for what we want through repetitive behaviour.

It would help if you changed your repetitive behaviour to discover happiness. Your misery will only increase. Then, pleasures await you in the disguise of bringing you what you desire.

With the practices you will learn at Agar Meditations, you can break out of your repetitive behaviours that trigger anger, unhappiness and fear, create emotional distress, and return to happiness.
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Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy

I am conducting Agar Healing Meditation sessions to help people release anger, hate and bitterness to cultivate harmony and live a better life.
Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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