Member Benefits

As a member of The Agar Meditation Group, you get several member benefits listed below.

  1. As a member, we offer you several discounts for purchase of our products.
  2. You will get discounts on subscribing to courses on and websites.
  3. As member benefits, you will get discounts on Agar Meditation Spiritual Retreats.
  4. As a member, you can access past recordings of meditations and Satsang.
  5. You get discounts on purchases of products from our affiliates (coming soon).
  6. You get to ask for support for your meditation practices.
  7. As a member, you will get special discounts on visiting spiritual retreats (coming soon).
  8. You will get first-to-know information on our upcoming events.
  9. You will get a travel desk facility for exotic spiritual destinations.

And more…