Agar Bead Pendant


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Agar Bead Pendant is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. This ornamental looking piece of natural beauty can cause your breathing to become long and comforting.

This round ball like pendant was created from natural agarwood extracted from the privately owned forests in Vietnam. The agar are specifically selected and shaped into a ball. Not all agar can be shaped so well because they are fragile and easily breakable.

Agar has a natural healing property and their very existence in your presence is calming to the mind, meditative and relaxing to the senses.

How this Agar bead pendant was made

A buddist monk selected the agar tree that was ripe and was willing to give itself to humanity. Thereafter, the tree was harvested. It took a minimum of six to eight months for a skilled agar craftsman to slice the bark of the tree and to get to the agar. Thereafter, the wood was carefully separated from the agar. Finally, the pieces that could be shaped as beads and bracelets were separated and this agar bead was carefully shaped into existence.

The agar bead pendant when worn as a necklace can help the airways in your lungs relax and breathe better. It also calms your emotions and makes you feel at ease.


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